There’s more to life than just light. Sometimes very special moments occur on journeys that will stay in your memory. Due to trade fair visits or client appointments we travel all around the world and would like to share our most valuable discoveries – places we truly feel at home.

Bella Italia, way up north – Mercato Italiano Luma in Kiel, Germany– Tonberg 1:
Right here an Italian restaurant and deli found its location inside an old warehouse. The clear and casual atmosphere attracts lots of people already around lunchtime. No wonder, because the cuisine is exquisite. Perfectly adapted for lunch beaks, there are not a 100 dishes but only 10 that will accordingly be served fresh and quickly.
And there’s something really special to feast the guests’ eyes on: right next door, clearly visible thanks to glass doors, there’s a conservator of classic cars with beautiful old Porsche cars in your direct field of vision. This stimulates your appetite.

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