The individualised version

LuminAiRe is the link between prospective buyers and manufacturers while lending a face to manufacturers.

People and companies come with different faces. As of late, companies are able to present themselves in their very own appearance. Precisely this means that companies are able to equip their retailers and staff with an individualised version of LuminAiRe.

This individualisation consists of two layers.

One the one hand, the aesthetic perspective. Companies can set the LuminAiRe colours to match their own CI and start off the app with their company logo. All “external products” will be faded out and LuminAiRe turns into an individual, company-own app without having to deal with own development and maintenance. On the other hand, we offer the possibility that manufacturers and retailers (or representatives) move closer together. Manufacturers are able to register retailers or sales representatives inside the app. Thanks to geo location, prospective buyers are then able to easily find their closest contact person.

That’s how you turn potential clients into actual clients.

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