Even though light is our core business, there’s so many more aspects in life that deserve the spotlight. We love to travel – job-related or private – and share special highlights that will stay in our memories with our friends, families and our clients. Because inspiration is to be found everywhere.

Our first travel report is full of inspiration for light-related topics because once a year Milan turns into a pulsating light and furniture metropolis.

Here, design fans are in for a real treat 24 hours a day. And once the light and furniture people head back home full of design, we can only hope they have had the chance to dine just as well as we did – at the Dongiò via Bernardino Corio (close to Porta Romana).

The restaurant comes across a bit rejective from the outside. The area is rather down-to earth, the satined windows block any view to the inside and the bulletin wasn’t very informative either.

But when noticing who comes and goes at night, will discover that it’s mostly the locals from the neighbourhood who count among the patronage – hardly any businessmen, mainly families and friends. I’m grateful for every single recommendations at each of my visits up to date.

The cuisine continuously brings up new offers. During our last three visits we have enjoyed both Tuscan and Apulian specialities. We especially treasured the “Zitti with lemons”.

Not posh, but a very likeable and authentic cuisine. A reservation is highly recommended, with the peak beginning at around 8:30pm. What’s best about it: by Milan’s standards, it’s almost cheap and definitely worth the money.

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