Project report:
SAAS and the gift of nature

High up north, light has a completely different meaning than in our realms.

Because in Scandinavian countries, light is considered a gift of nature, as discovered by the company SAAS from Finland – a world leading expert for innovative and high class illumination.

It’s exactly these products, that Håkan Längsted, the creative mind behind SAAS, wants to share with as many people as possible, hence he chose LuminAiRe.

When looking at the product range, we think about poetry and a pinch of humour – all in all very likeable and far from an ordinary product portfolio, but one that deserves to be discovered. The cooperation with SAAS was agreed at the Euroluce in spring of 2019, really simple by handshake.

The following cooperation was just as easy because LuminAiRe keeps the manufacturer’s effort as low as possible – instead of lengthy compilation of data, the given information from the website is mostly all we really need to get going. Easy and comfortable, comfortably easy.

Right after choosing the first 25 products, the LuminAiRe team started working. Usually we need a few significant photos and the general measures to start. After that all the information is added to a data bank by the LuminAiRe team, reducing the manufacturer’s effort to a minimum. Within 24 hours we create Augmented Reality models to make them accessible to the public.

Sounds easy and fast? That’s just how it is.

It’s the professionals for light and computer modelling that collectively work at LuminAiRe on creating a result very close to reality.

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